5 Best Apartment Fridge

(Last Updated On: July 13, 2022)
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Recently my refrigerator doesn’t work properly. Also, its size is so big, as a result, I can’t place it in my kitchen. As the fridge was far away from my kitchen and I had to walk to take any ingredient again and again. So I decided to buy a new one, which will be perfect for my kitchen. 

My elder sister advised me to buy an apartment fridge because they are less wide than the standard fridge, but have the same height. So it will perfectly fit in a small kitchen easily. Also, I will get enough storage space. 

But which apartment fridge is the best in the market? After researching on the internet, I have found several fridges based on the excellent features as well as top reviews.

If you have faced the same problem or are thinking of buying an apartment fridge for your kitchen, I think it’s my responsibility to introduce the 5 best apartment fridge for you. Have a look

Review of 5 Best Apartment Fridge

1. Frigidaire EFR751 2 Door Apartment Size Refrigerator with Freezer, 7.2 cu ft


introduce the 5 best apartment fridge for you.Check on Amazon


Our very first apartment fridge is the Frigidaire EFR751refrigerator. This fridge comes with chic unit features which have mechanical control to use it easily. 

This apartment fridge has a 7.2 cu feet capacity to keep foods and appliances. That is quite good enough for a small family. However, the inverter runs the fridge at a slow speed to maintain the required temperature all that time. Again, it features 2 doors. One for the freezer part, and another for the normal beverage and daily items.

What’s more? Well, it comes with 3 slide-out glass shelves which are adjustable also. Again, you can keep the vegetables on the transparent vegetable crisper. As a result, they will remain fresh and flavorful. 

Besides, it features 4 clean door shelves to keep your daily necessities like eggs, drinks, etc. Also, interior lights are included inside the fridge. So you can easily find all the thighs even in dark or low light conditions.

The dimension is 22.4 x 21.5 x 55.5 inches. Also, the body is designed with a metallic finish on stainless steel. 

The important part, this apartment fridge is CFC-free as well as has an adjustable thermostat. Additionally, there is 2 front mount and 2 castors mounted back legs. So you can move the fridge effortlessly wherever you want.

2. Danby DFF070B1BSLDB-6 7.0 Cu.Ft. Apartment Refrigerator


Danby DFF070B1BSLDB-6 7.0 Cu.Ft. Mid-Size Refrigerator, Frost-Free Apartment Fridge with Top Freezer, E-Star Rated, 7, Black Stainless LookCheck on Amazon


Now introducing the Danby DFF070B1BSLDB-6 fridge. It’s a mid-size apartment fridge that has 2 portions. The upper part is for the freezer and the lower part is the non-freezer. The dimension is 23.62 x 21.65 x 56.3 inches and comes with a capacity of 7.0 Cu.Ft. which is standard for an small and mid-size apartment.

Also, this fridge has 3 glass shelves which have fixed doors. Along with them, you will get another 3 adjustable shelves too. So you can store all of the groceries, vegetables, drinks, and all other ingredients perfectly that need to be kept in a fridge. 

Sometimes, apartment fridges don’t have space for tall bottles. But you can keep a tall bottle easily in this fridge. Besides, you can keep the vegetables fresh in the separated vegetable crisper. The interior light helps to find any time. 

Again, the interior is designed with the ultimately controlled airflow. That won’t cause any loss of the total storage and space. Also, it’s an Inverter refrigerator whose compressor won’t start or stop. It keeps a slow rate of airflow to run the fridge and maintain the temperature it requires.

Moreover, the handle-free hidden hinges and the smart smudge-free stainless look bring an elegant look to your kitchen.

3. FRIGIDAIRE EFR756-CREAM EFR756 Apartment Refrigerator 7.5 cu ft


FRIGIDAIRE EFR756-CREAM EFR756, 2 Door Apartment Size Retro Refrigerator with Top Freezer, Chrome Handles, 7.5 cu ft, CreamCheck on Amazon


FRIGIDAIRE EFR756-CREAM edition is for those who love a soothing vibe in their kitchen or dining room. The matte body and glossy chrome handle make you attracted at the first glance. 

Well, it’s a standard apartment fridge that is 23 x 23 x 55 inches. It is designed with 2 doors to separate the upper freezer portion from the bottom non frost part. 

The capacity is about 7.5 cu ft. So you can keep a huge amount of meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, groceries, dessert, drinks and so on perfectly. Again, you will get a slide-out glass made of 3 adjustable shelves along with 4 clear door shelves.  Also, it offers one transparent vegetable and fruit crisper too. It keeps them fresh and organized.

If you need to change the position of this fridge or need to move to another apartment or for cleaning purposes, the legs and two castors mounted at the back help you the most. 

Also, the shelves are made of spill-proof glass. So you can clean them easily. Also, they can prevent leakage of any liquids. Additionally, the storage bin attachment with the door offers an organizer to keep small and handy things.

Also, it has an electron lock system and there is no risk of suddenly opening the door. . So you don’t need to worry about the downfall of any items either.

Moreover, you can adjust the temperature by the thermostat that will take effect at different times of the day. Overall, it will be a smart appliance for your kitchen. That is why we have reviewed the one in our best apartment fridge review section. 

4. RCA RFR725 2 Door Apartment Size Refrigerator with Freezer, 7.5 cu ft


If you are looking for a budget-friendly, standard-size apartment fridge, then RCA RFR725 can be a great option for you. With the 2 portions with separate doors, it makes convenient and faithful storage for your kitchen and food items. You can keep meat, fish, condiments, ice cream, etc in the upper freezer portion. These will remain fresh for a long time. 

On the other hand, you can store daily groceries, pickles, drinks, and vegetables in the non frost section at a moderately cold temperature. As a result, they won’t rot or dry due to the outside temperature. Rather they remain fresh for use for a long period. 

It is designed with 23 x 23 x 55 inches dimension and 7.5 cu ft capacity. The body material is stainless steel with a metallic finish. Also, the storage compartments are transparent as well as durable enough. 

This apartment fridge is engineered with MULTI-VENT technology. It can keep the items cool. At the same time, make the temperature adjustment easy. And most importantly, you will get the manual to defrost option for removing ice easily when necessary. 

The separate vegetable and fruit crisper bins help to store them full of freshness.  Again, you can put small and handy things in the door attached bin. Also, the door is designed using an electrical lock. So no chance of sudden downfall of any item. 

Moreover, the Spill-proof glass shelves prevent the risk of liquid leakage as well as keep the shelves clean.  So far, it’s one of the best apartment fridges to keep your favorite food and beverages cool.

5. Avanti RA7306WT 2-Door Apartment Size Refrigerator, 7.4 cu ft


Our last pick is the Avanti RA7306WT 2-Door Apartment fridge for you. If you are looking for the best apartment fridge for your kitchen, you can go for it. The features, functionalities as well as appearance will blow your mind. 

It’s a stand-alone 55.75 in x 21.75 in x 23.5 in-sized apartment fridge. You will get a 7.4 cu ft capacity. Also, the body material is stainless steel with a glossy finish. So there is no chance of rust or faded color. 

Again, the shelves are glass-made. But they are so durable and not easily fragile-natured. You can remove the shelves if needed or for cleaning purposes. Also, you can adjust them easily. The bins with the door are also adjustable. 

You can even hold 2-liter bottles in the lower door track. Along with that, you can preserve the freshness of vegetables and fruits on a separate shelf. This apartment fridge also has an electrical lock. Also, the adjustable inverter always maintains a low speed to maintain the compressor and run the fridge properly. Also, it won’t produce CFC. 

Just open the door, take whatever you need then close the door. You don’t need to lock using extra keys. 

Bottom Line

Well, here we have introduced the 5 best apartment fridge for you among so many options. Actually, we go for the apartment fridge as they are convenient as well as save spaces of the kitchen and living room.

Also, they have enough space and storage shelves too. At the same time, for the size and portability, they are easy to take care of and clean. 

These 5 picks are perfect for your small and mid-size apartment. Besides storing your favorite food and beverages, they will enhance the beauty of your kitchen.

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