7 Best Food Scales For Weight Watchers

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Good exercise and eating the right balanced diet are ways to stay healthy. A healthy diet is directly related to adequately measuring your daily food. The calorie intake required varies based on age, gender, height, and weight.

The correct measurement of ingredients and nutritional values is essential for cooking and baking. Measuring each ingredient using different tools such as a cup, spoon, or bowl is a hassle. This article will review the seven best food scales for weight watchers to reduce hassle in everyday cooking, baking, or even your weight loss journey. These are all compact, easy to use, and high in quality.

A digital food scale can be a handy gadget to make your favorite food easier to prepare, ensure control over your daily calorie intake and help you calculate and monitor its nutritional values. It is beneficial not only for adults on a keto diet or a calorie deficit, but it may also play a crucial role in taking care of your entire family’s healthy meals.

Product Image Product Name Details Price
Nicewell-Food-Scale-22lb-Digital-Kitchen-Scale Nicewell Food Scale Weight Limit – 22 lbs
Our rating – 4.9 /5.0
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FITINDEX-Bluetooth-Digital-Kitchen-Scale-with-Nutritional-Calculator-and-Timer-Multifunction-Coffee-Scale-with-Smartphone-APP FITINDEX Bluetooth Digital Kitchen Scale Weight Limit – 5000gm
Our rating – 4.9 /5.0
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Etekcity-Smart-Food-Nutrition-Scale Etekcity Smart Food Nutrition Scale Weight Limit – 11 Pounds
Our rating – 4.8 /5.0
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GreaterGoods-Digital-Food-Kitchen-Scale GreaterGoods Digital Food Kitchen Scale Weight Limit – 11 pounds
Our rating – 4.8 /5.0
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Zibet-Rechargeable-Digital-kitchen-Scale Zibet Rechargeable Digital kitchen Scale Weight Limit –  33 Pounds
Our rating – 4.7 /5.0
Check Price
Weighmax-Electronic-Kitchen-Scale Weighmax Electronic Kitchen Scale Weight Limit – 5 Pounds
Our rating – 4.7 /5.0
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KOIOS-Kitchen-Scale-USB-Rechargeable KOIOS Kitchen Scale USB Rechargeable Weight Limit – 33 pounds
Our rating – 4.7 /5.0
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Why Should You Use a Food Scale?

Using a digital scale food scale over the analog one is unusual at home as these are commonly seen being used at grocery shops or restaurants. But now is the time to use a smart scale instead of measuring cups or bowls for everyday intake. This way, you can quickly determine the ratio of calories you need and how much you should intake—a secret way to live a healthy life.

A food scale works excellently not only for you but for the babies and the elderly, too, as they need extra care and nutritious food. You can easily give the proper amount by using the food scale. You don’t have to worry about the lack of nutrition and calories. The food scale determines the necessary amount and protein values of food.

In addition, for cooking and baking, the accurate portioning of food items is a must for making a perfect dish. Just think about a cup of coffee. You must mix the correct coffee, milk, and sugar ratio to get an ideal cup of coffee. You would think, how can you measure coffee on a food scale? Don’t worry. This article has included a review of a scale that can especially measure DIY coffee with all other food items.

Why should you use a food scale

Similarly, you must mix the right ingredients for any dish or cake. A digital food scale can weigh up to 15 kg. They are easy to clean. You can use a clean and bacteria-free surface to weigh food items.

Besides its sleek surface and exclusive features, it can weigh accurately. A measuring cup or spoon can’t do it like the scale. They are easy to operate. Set on the surface, take the container weight, read the result on display, and convert the weight into your required unit.

Some food scales can connect and have controls using a mobile app, making it more convenient. Also, a food scale makes more accurate measurements, reduces the extra time for cooking, and saves money.

Best Food Scale for Weight Watchers | Top 7

Nicewell Food Scale, 22lb Digital Kitchen Scale 

Nicewell Food Scale, 22lb Digital Kitchen Scale

The 22lb Digital Nicewell Food Scale for cooking and baking is first on the list to reduce the hassle of measuring with multiple cups and spoons. It has a fantastic design with tempered glass and stainless steel, with a measuring capacity of up to 22 lbs.

It is a sleek scale with quick precision in increments of o.1 oz. The built-in four high-precision load sensors are behind its higher accuracy.

You can weigh a large amount of cooking ingredients on the 9″ x 6.3″ platform. It also supports multiple weight units such as g, kg, lb, oz, fl oz, and ml, and you can easily read them out on the large LCD.

Convenient to use with touch-sensitive buttons. Nicewell Digital Food Scale provides the facility to subtract the excess weight of the food containers, plates, or bowls. As a result, you will get the exact weight of your ingredients.

Stainless steel makes the scale surface anti-fingerprint, and you can clean it without any spots or stains of food.

If the electricity is gone, you don’t need to worry about the battery life or precise measurements, as 2*AAA batteries power it. Besides, it will automatically shut off after 120 seconds when not in use.

Regarding quality, bearing capability, and measuring precision, Nicewell Digital Food Scale can be your daily measuring partner for baking, cooking, or weight loss routine.

  • Huge bearing capacity and anti-fingerprint surface
  • Advanced four high-precision load sensors and a large blue light LCD Display
  • Get accuracy for each 0.1oz/1g increment or decrement
  • Supports multiple weight measuring unit
  • The Unit conversion button allows converting into your preferred units
  • Convenient tare button for subtracting packet/container weight
  • Compact and easy to operate with 2*AAA batteries
  • Auto shut off facility, so you need to worry if you forget to shut off
  •  If you want to use it for your diet and measure your food’s calories, you must manually calculate them.

FITINDEX Bluetooth Digital Kitchen Scale – 5000gm

FITINDEX Bluetooth Digital Kitchen Scale with Nutritional Calculator and Timer, Multifunction Coffee Scale with Smartphone APP

Unlike the previous food scale on the list, FITINDEX Bluetooth Digital 3 in 1 Kitchen Scale will ensure the accuracy of calculated nutrition and help to maintain your proper diet.

As the mobile app already controls almost all daily activities, why not try a digital food scale? You can operate and calculate the nutrition value of this food scale by using the “Gennec” app. Download this app from Apple Store or Google Play to make your measurements more accurate. You can also set your goal and record and track your daily meals via this app. By recording your daily intake data of calories, vitamins, protein, fat, etc., you can easily set it for monitoring, controlling, and achieving your goal.

You may think, how could an app operate and calculate? Well, it has around 320 000 USDA food databases. You can customize it by adding your food data.

The large smooth scale surface can bear and accurately weigh from 3g to 5000g. Do not exceed the capacity label, which may damage your scale. 

Also, it supports 5 units such as g/lb/oz/oz/ml/fl.oz. If you increment 1g, that will also accurately display on the LED.

In addition to the food and nutrition scales, this multifunctional food scale comes with a coffee scale with a timer. The coffee maker function provides DIY coffee freely. It will show the ratio of coffee beans and the time to give you the experience of a perfect cup of coffee.

What else do you want from a food scale? If you are thinking about a proper diet, you can simply go for it. Besides a smart food scale, you will get a food nutrition scale and coffee scale to maintain your healthy diet like Keto, calculate Macro and calories, and lose weight effectively.

  • 3-in-1 function scale for food, nutrition, and coffee measurements
  • Easy to operate and calculate by the app
  • A large database and facility to customize it
  • Calculate the weight and calories with the highest precision
  • Add, record, monitor, and track your daily intake
  • Up to 5 kg bearing flat surface and digital readout on the LED display
  • Supports multiple units for accurate measurement
  • It is not water-resistant, so immersing water or liquid can damage the scale. So be careful and keep away from water/liquids.

Etekcity Smart Food Nutrition Scale

Etekcity Smart Food Nutrition Scale

This app-controlled smart food nutrition scale has 4 accurate sensors and can accurately weigh from 3g to 5kg for any increment of 1g/0.05 oz. Also supports multiple units of weights and shows at the crisp display.

The impressive thing is that it works with Bluetooth for Android and IOs devices. You simply install a smart “VeSync” app to operate the digital food scale.

Besides synchronizing data like vitamins, minerals, and calories, you can convert units, reset display time, and tear option to subtract the extra weight of the plate or container.

Etekcity Smart Food Nutrition Scale has a large food database of 270,000 USDA. You can add your food data and customize it. With the VeSync app, you can record, track, monitor, and control your daily intake, which will help to move one more step forward in your Keto or balanced diet to maintain healthy living. You can add foods to the database; the app will show the output according to your input data based on gender, height, weight.

This stainless steel food scale can resist water and is easy to clean. There is no chance of slipping down the scale with food as Anti-skid padding is attached at the bottom.

Along with a multifunction food scale, you will get a complete guideline to maintain a healthy diet simultaneously. It seems so helpful, right?

  • Advanced 4 precision sensors for accurate and quick measurement
  • App-based operation and calculation
  • Can record, monitor, and control your intake and customize your data
  • Multiple weight units with the calorie calculation
  • Convenient app on both Android and IOs
  • The sleek stainless surface is easy to operate and clean
  • Anti-skid padding at the bottom
  • The versions before Android 4.3 or iOS 9.0 do not support this app. As you must operate and control this food scale via a smart app, ensure your phone runs on Android 4.3+ or iOS 9.0+. For every latest version, you have to update your app. That may irritate you, but it is helpful and quite easy.

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GreaterGoods Digital Food Kitchen Scale

GreaterGoods Digital Food Kitchen Scale

What if all features, the highest accuracy, and minimal design are available on the same scale? Isn’t it excellent? Your answer is definitely yes! GreaterGoods Digital and smart Food Kitchen Scale combine all of them, making your cooking easier than before. This is one of the most affordable food scales in the best food scale for weight watchers review article.

The sleek and flat weight platform simply carries the food ingredients up to 11 lbs. For each 1g increment or decrement, it will show the accurate result on the LCD display. In-built 4-accuracy sensors work behind this. You can measure in different units such as grams, lbs & oz, fl oz, or mil. Also, it has the Zero feature by which you can accurately measure all the ingredients held in a plate or container. Zero feature will measure the exact weight of the ingredients after subtracting the weight of the container/plate.

Besides, they also ensure your rights and safety. You can use it if the electricity is gone, as it is run by battery. Also, there is no effect of it on your electricity bill. In addition, an extra battery is also included with it.

GreaterGoods Digital Food Kitchen Scale is designed to focus on a basic thing that quickly weighs your everyday ingredients with the highest accuracy. If you want a food scale without excess features and operational complexity, this one is the best choice.

  • Combination of minimal design and higher accuracy
  • Bearing ability is up to 11lbs
  • Supports multiple measurement units
  • Comes with a Zero feature to subtract the container weight
  • Readable LCD display & Operated by battery
  • You may be disappointed if you need to measure the decimal points in grams, as it doesn’t come with this feature.

Zibet Rechargeable Digital kitchen Scale

Zibet Rechargeable Digital kitchen Scale

In searching for the best food scale for weight watchers, this post will now review a digital scale with all the features that amaze you! Let’s go through the features of this Zibet Rechargeable digital kitchen scale.

Firstly, it comes with a stylish and classy appearance made of stainless steel and tempered glass. No chance of settling any stains of water or food. Again easy to place and clean. The sleek surface is anti-fingerprint and has a hook for convenient storage.

The most special feature is it comes with 2AAA lithium batteries which you can recharge by USB—no hassle of battery down or changing.  At the same time, Lithium batteries are safe to use and environment friendly. This feature reduces your hassle and saves you time and money.

The high-quality stainless steel platform has a bearing ability from 0.1 oz to 33 lbs, so you can weigh more ingredients at once.

The built-in 4 high-precision load sensors work to give the quick and accurate weight of the food or ingredients on the LCD. The large LCD is easily read in units like g/kg/lb/oz/fl.oz and ml. You can measure the liquid on it in an ml unit.

In addition, the result will stay on the LCD screen for 30 seconds to get it without any hurry. Also, it features an auto-turn-off facility after 2 minutes of machine inactivity.

After measuring some food, you can easily reset the current weight to zero by the tare button. Furthermore, a clear, backlit display, an indicator for low battery, easy unit conversion, etc., features come along this digital food scale.

You can easily track your keto diet or weight loss intake and live a healthy life.

Eventually, it is helpful not only for the kitchen or your diet but also for a small restaurant as the bearing capacity is quite high.

  • Accuracy sensor for quick and accurate measurements
  • Food-grade, stainless steel platform
  • Operated by USB rechargeable 2AAA lithium battery
  • Low battery indicator, Large LCD
  • Up to 15 kg bearing capacity
  • Liquid or water resistance
  • Auto shut off the facility
  • CE/RoHS certified brand and lifetime support from the customer team
  • You need to press manually for low-weight ingredients.

Weighmax Electronic Kitchen Scale

Weighmax Electronic Kitchen Scale

If you face a problem holding ingredients onto the counter of the scale or don’t want to take the hassle of bringing ingredients in a container, then Weighmax Electronic Kitchen Scale will be a good choice for you.

Weighmax Electronic Kitchen Scale comes along with a large removable bowl. You do not need an extra measuring cup or spoon to weigh. Set the bowl on the platform, which can carry up to 5 pounds of weight. In this plastic bowl, you can put all the ingredients that need to be measured. Snacks or raw ingredients will be easily measured in the bowl. 

You can easily store it as well as remove the bowl and clean it with any regular dishwasher detergent. Make sure you do not put more than 5 pounds on the bowl. It may cause damage, forming cracks in the plastic bowl.

Advanced accuracy sensors can measure every 0.1oz or 1g of increments or decrements of food/ingredients.

Functionalities are also user-friendly. The mode key allows changing the measurement units. In addition, the bowl’s weight will be subtracted by the tare option. The accurate weight of your ingredients will show on the backlit LCD display.

As electricity operates at this scale, you don’t need to worry about recharging or changing the battery after a few months. 

If you are planning or doing a keto diet or making progress for a healthy life, or simply making a delicious dish according to a recipe, you can choose this one! Optimal design, easy to clean, run by electricity, all of the features are quite helpful to achieve your goal.

  • Comes with a detachable bowl for measurement
  • Tare button to subtract the excess weight of the bowl
  • Can weigh up to 2000grams / 5lbs
  • Facility to convert into different units of measurements
  • Easy to set up and clean
  • You need to use a calculator if you want to measure food portions in ounces. Because it only supports gram units for measurement.

KOIOS Kitchen Scale USB Rechargeable Scale

KOIOS Kitchen Scale USB Rechargeable

Last but not least, in the best food scale for weight watchers review, the KOIOS Kitchen Scale is made of tempered glass, waterproof, and USB rechargeable. As tempered glass is strong, there is no question about the quality of the food scale. Also, tempered glass-made scales are easy to operate and clean.

It features 4 built-in accuracy sensors for higher precision and sensitivity to each 0.1-ounce increment. The highest holding capacity is up to 33 lbs, a decent amount to measure in the kitchen.

You can measure in 6 different units, such as g/ml/ml (milk) – lbs: oz /fl’ oz/fl’ oz, by pressing the unit button. And see the result on the readable LCD screen. Besides solid foods, you can measure liquid items like water, milk, or juice.

Since the brand claims it is waterproof, you don’t have to worry about any damage to water or liquids. If some liquid falls on the sleek surface, simply wipe them with a kitchen tissue or towel. To get a clean surface, never use a damp cloth to wipe the scale.

The Surface is touch-sensitive and easy to operate, and you will get the result quickly. A removable USB comes with it for charging purposes.

The anti-skid bottom and rounded corners allow setting the container or plate stably on the surface. The tare button removes the weight of the container while measuring the food. The auto shut-off feature will be enabled automatically if you do not use it for 2 minutes.

This light-weighted and compact kitchen scale does not need more space to set. You can easily move and replace it. Use it for diet, weight loss, or simple food-measuring purposes before making a delicious dish!

  • Temper glass ensures superior durability
  • Good for personal use or the recipe as the holding capacity is 33 pounds
  • Supports 6 different measurement units
  • Powered by a convenient removable USB charger
  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • Offers 2 years warranty facility
  • You need to recharge after using it 5-7 times

Final Verdict

This article has worked to cover all the features of digital food scales. They have a compact design, are convenient to use, and give accurate weight calculations. You can choose any of them according to your need and purpose.

If you are comfortable tracking and monitoring your daily nutrition intake by mobile phone, you can use app-controlled digital scales. The rest of them are also working excellently. Though they have different features, they all mainly work to measure the weight accurately and make precise calorie counts.

So a smart food scale simply makes your cooking and weight loss journey 10 times easier and helps to achieve your goal.

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