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(Last Updated On: June 19, 2022)
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Fried Rice is a dish that no one can ever ignore, isn’t it? Though this declaration sounds one-sided, partially I don’t think it is false. As it is not always possible to go to restaurants. So, those who love fried rice often make their fried rice at home. But during making fried rice at home, the most noticeable fact is that it doesn’t taste like restaurants despite our much trying. So, how can we improve it? To get the best-fried rice at home, besides all other ingredients it also needs the best sauce on the market. As we all know, no fried rice recipe can ever be complete without sauces.

So here we have picked 5 best sauce for fried rice to make your fried rice cooking journey simple as well as perfect!

Product Image Product Name Details Price
Kikkoman-Organic-Soy-Sauce Kikkoman Organic Soy Sauce Weight – 0.9 Ounces
Rating – 4.9/5.0
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Kumana-Avocado-Hot-Sauce Kumana Avocado Hot Sauce Weight – 13.1 Ounces
Rating – 4.9/5.0
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Pure-Organic-Tamarind-Paste-Concentrate Pure Organic Tamarind Paste Concentrate Weight
Rating – 4.8/5.0
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L.k.k-Panda-Brand-Oyster-Sauce L.k.k Panda Brand Oyster Sauce Weight – 1 Pounds
Rating – 4.8/5.0
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Capital-City-Mambo-Sauce Capital City Mambo Sauce  Weight – 0.95 Kilograms
Rating – 4.8/5.0
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Why do you need special sauce for fried rice? 

While making your favorite fried rice, do you ever notice the flavors don’t come out even after using sauces? The rice tastes so insipid. Sometimes, overdoing ordinary sauces for enhancing flavors may lead the rice to taste too mushy. You may feel like all your effort goes in vain. No, not at all, my friend!

You can always emphasize the flavor by just adding a few tablespoons of the best sauces for fried rice that are listed below. The special sauces will add unique savors to fried rice. Sweet, salted, or peppery, you can customize the taste of rice by adding them. Also, special sauces add extra color to fried rice. 

So now jump into the best 5 sauce for fried rice review section.

Why do you need special sauce for fried rice

5 Best Sauce For Fried Rice

Kikkoman Organic Soy Sauce | 0.9 Ounces

Kikkoman Organic Soy Sauce

There will hardly be a person in the world who knows at least a little bit of cooking but isn’t familiar with Soy Sauce. It is an all-time classic seasoning. Fried rice in Asian style can never be possible without it. Soy Sauce mainly originated in Japan and now it is used all over the world to cook delicious dishes. So, no other sauce can ever beat the taste of authentic, high-quality Kikkoman Organic Soy Sauce.

Also the main ingredients used in this sauce are water, organic fermented aged soybeans, organic wheat, and salt without any type of preservatives. The organic product is always safe for our health and also enhances the taste a hundred times better. It is a dark soy sauce with a bit of salty lovely aged rich umami flavor.

Again, the weight of it is about 0.9 Ounces. Besides, this product is USDA-certified organic. Though the price is slightly high, it lasts a long way and is worth the price. 

Kumana Avocado Hot Sauce | 13.1 Ounces

Kumana Avocado Hot Sauce

Kumana Avocado Hot Sauce in the flavor Jalapeño is manufactured by the brand Kumana. It is a non-GMO plant-based hot sauce. This sauce is made with natural ingredients such as ripe avocados, herbs, vibrant veggies, and chili peppers. This wholesome recipe makes the taste of it very rich and savory.

Again, this avocado sauce always comes in a bottle having 13.1 Ounces of weight. It contains very low carbs and doesn’t have sugar like traditional sauces. It is gluten-free, sugar-free, and dairy-free. This special sauce holds only 15 calories in one tablespoon and anyhow 75% fewer calories than mayonnaise.

Moreover, the sauce is also keto and paleo appropriate. So, those who are allergic, diabetic patients, or maintain a healthy lifestyle with the diet keto or paleo but want to taste delicious fried rice can easily grab it. This sauce is perfect for adding a pretty spicy and soft delicious flavor in a healthier way to the fried rice.

Pure Organic Tamarind Paste Concentrate | 11 Ounces

Pure Organic Tamarind Paste Concentrate

There will be few sauces that can be more multipurpose than 100% Pure Organic Tamarind Paste Concentrate owned by the Indian brand named Pure Indian Foods. This sauce can be used in Indian, Chinese, African, and Thai dishes. It comes out in a tamarind paste flavor that contains only two ingredients, organic seedless tamarind pulp & water.

This sauce has a very smooth concentration made from the natural fruit of the tamarind tree. It is packed in a glass jar with a weight of about 11 Ounces. It is USDA-certified organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and also fat-free. No sugar, syrup, sodium, or preservatives are added to this tamarind sauce.

So, it is very safe for health. The paste is a sweet and sour flavored sauce. So, it will be the perfect choice if you want to add relish and brightness to the fried rice with a rich and delicious taste if used correctly.

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L.k.k Panda Brand Oyster Sauce | 1 Pound

L.k.k Panda Brand Oyster Sauce

The decision of picking L.k.k Panda Brand Oyster Sauce will be the best one in case of adding seafood flavor to your fried rice. L.k.k Panda Brand Oyster Sauce having oyster flavor is manufactured by the very trusted age-old brand Lee Kum Kee. You will get 0.9 Kilograms each in a package of this oyster sauce. It is a slight sticky dark brown colored sauce produced with carefully chosen oyster extracts.

Besides, it does not contain any harmful ingredients. This oyster sauce does not have the strong salty flavor as soy sauce. On the contrary, it has an awesome sweet and salty flavor with the tastes of the sea. So far, it is one of the best all-purpose seasoning oyster sauces available on market and a very common ingredient for Asian food like fried rice.

Again, it will help the fried rice to get a mild fishy flavor instantaneously. If you are thinking about what is absent in your fried rice, you must pick this Oyster Sauce for the right flavor with huge progress. For this reason, we have picked it as one of the best sauce for fried rice review section.

Capital City Mambo Sauce | 0.95 Kilograms

Capital City Mambo Sauce is produced by the brand Capital City. The packaged weight of it is about 0.95 Kilograms.  It is a high-quality Washington DC style Wing sauce. Mambo sauce is a sticky chicken wing condiment that generates a very sweet, tangy, and savory flavor to fried rice.

It has always been the best option for giving a variety of flavors in fried rice. Because it comes out in two different flavors: Mild Mambo sauce and Sweet Hot Mambo sauce. Both sauces are all-purpose sauces made with a major ingredient tomato.

This Mild Mambo sauce has a lightly sweet flavor whereas the Sweet Hot Mambo sauce has a sweet medium heat because of aged cayenne and habanero peppers. Again, this Capital City mambo sauce has very low calorie, low sodium content. Moreover, it is free from corn, syrup, fat, and cholesterol is topmost needed for being healthy. So, it can also be the best sauce for fried rice.

Wrapping it up

Here all five sauces are some of the best sauces for fried rice at present time. Fried rice without sauces tastes so plain and flavorless as we all know. But everyone has a very different taste. Some people like sweetness, some spicy, and some too tarty. Whatever flavor you want to bring up in your fried rice sweet, peppery, tart, or salty all can be possible with these five special sauces. These unique flavor sauces are not just a fast way to add flavor but also don’t create any health issues based on preferences as none of them contain any harmful ingredients. So, try the sauces in yours and let yourself have a delicious meal with the handmade fried rice.

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