Best Sauce For Jalapeno Poppers | Top 5

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2022)
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Have a sudden party at home? Arriving guests at your residence within some minutes? Or, want to spice up your movie night as being a spicy food lover? Nothing will be so simple yet classy fancier appetizer than crispy cheesy Jalapeno Poppers. But without having a delicious dipping sauce, the total snack will be so unvarnished and tame. The whole taste of delicious golden brown Jalapeno Poppers will go out with an ordinary sauce. But no worries! Here we are presenting the 5 best sauce for jalapeno poppers that are meant only for you. You can choose them wisely from here as per your choice without facing the trouble of searching for them separately.

Product Image Product Name Details Price
Best-of-Thailand-Sweet-Chili-Sauce Best of Thailand Sweet Chili Sauce
Weight – 23.65oz(2 Pack)
Rating – 4.9/5.0
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Tiptree-Sweet-Tip-Raspberry Tiptree Sweet Tip Raspberry
Weight – 12 Ounce 
Rating – 4.8/5.0
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Hunts-Tomato-Sauce Hunt’s Tomato Sauce
Weight – 7.4 oz (24 Pack)
Rating – 4.8/5.0
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Ocean-Spray-Whole-Berry-Cranberry-Sauce Ocean Spray Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce
Weight – 14 Ounce 
Rating – 4.7/5.0
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Best-Foods-Mayonnaise Best Foods Mayonnaise
Weight –  15 oz
Rating – 4.7/5.0
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Best Sauce For Jalapeno Poppers | Top 5 picks

Best of Thailand Sweet Chili Sauce | 23.65oz

Best of Thailand Sweet Chili Sauce

If you want to taste your delicious jalapeno poppers with an ideal balance of sweet, savory, and tangy flavored sauce then Best of Thailand Sweet Chili Sauce will be your best choice as per its name. The sauce comes out with chili flavor in a bottle that weighs about 23.65oz. The brand Best of Thailand produced this sauce using real authentic Asian-brewed formula.

Again, all the ingredients in it are the finest, freshest, and 100% natural. This Sweet Chili sauce has a spicy-sweet taste with its sticky texture and vivacious orange color. It is a great sauce for dunking appetizers at its price. In addition, this dipping sauce is MSG-free, fat-free, and also certified for kosher. So, it is very safe and healthy for any diet type.

Tiptree Sweet Tip Raspberry | 12 Ounce 

Tiptree Sweet Tip Raspberry

If you are a fruit lover especially sweet and sour Raspberry then Tiptree Sweet Tip Raspberry will appease your need. It is enough to give your mouth filled with a tangy and sweet fruit taste with the spicy and creamy jalapeno poppers. Tiptree Sweet Tip Raspberry comes out in preserved packaging with a net weight of 12-ounce. In England, the Tiptree company has been growing fruits on their farms since 1885. So, they make this Raspberry Preserve with the highest quality selected fresh Raspberry.

Besides, it doesn’t contain any seeds, too much sugar, or any harmful chemicals. The texture is so good and smooth. It will surely blow your mind with its sweetened but not syrupy fresh raspberry flavors while dipping the poppers. It is gluten-free, and appropriate for both vegetarians and Koshers. This will be a great value for money for those who want to taste jalapeno popper with fruit jams.

Hunt’s Tomato Sauce | 7.4 oz(24 Pack)

Hunt's Tomato Sauce

Hunt’s Tomato Sauce Carton in the flavor Tomato is manufactured by the brand Hunt’s. It is an age-old trustworthy company which always makes products with high-quality 100% natural ingredients without any compromise. Hunt’s Tomato Sauce is one of the best sauces for jalapeno poppers as the main ingredient is tomato. It will ensure a rich salty, peppery, and natural taste as it is made with vine-ripened tomatoes from California.

Again, it also doesn’t contain any artificial preservatives. The packaging of it declares that the weight is about 7.4 oz . Those who have allergies to peanuts, milk, or even egg and are scared to taste sauces can pick this sauce dauntlessly. It is free from milk, egg, and peanut.

Moreover, it is suitable for a low carb and Keto diet lifestyle. It doesn’t conduct sugar, corn syrup, or any other sweet enhancer and contains only 20 Calories per one-quarter cup. So, it is very economical and a great value for tomato sauces. That is why we have picked it as one of the best sauces for jalapeno poppers. 

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Ocean Spray Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce | 14 Ounce 

Ocean Spray Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce

Being a berry fan why not just grab the Ocean Spray Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce for your crispy, creamy jalapeno poppers! It has had the flavor Cranberry by the brand Ocean Spray since 1930. This Ocean Spray sauce comes in a jar having 0 14 Ounce of weight. The sauce is made with ecologically grown, 100% natural North American cranberries.

In addition, it has no artificial ingredients, flavors, colors, or preservatives. This preserved cranberry sauce has a good amusing flavor with a fine texture. It is a great source of gluten-free real fruit. It is also suitable for kosher diet types.

So far, his sauce can strongly bring out the goodness of real cranberries with jalapeno poppers any time of year. So, you should taste your home-cooked delicious jalapeno popper with sweet and spicy fresh Ocean Spray Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce.

Best Foods Mayonnaise |  15 oz

Best Foods Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise has always been a great choice for any fried snacks. So, it is needless to say that serving your crispy and delicious jalapeno poppers with mayonnaise will strongly intensify the taste. But not an ordinary one. Best Foods Real Mayonnaise is the best mayonnaise that anyone has ever tasted.

the Best Foods mayonnaise and jalapeno poppers will create a juicier and spicy fusion in your mouth that you will feel yourself in heaven. It has been produced by the most trusted brand Best Food comes in flavor Real Mayonnaise for 100 years. You will get  15 oz of real mayonnaise packed in a jar.

Again, it has been produced with the best simple elements with the highest quality. It doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients. This Mayonnaise is suitable for both Vegetarians and Koshers. Further, it is Gluten-free and rich in Omega 3. So, you can keep your body cells healthy even after enjoying jalapeno poppers with this delicious creamy mayonnaise.


Taste is the main factor for choosing jalapeno poppers dipping sauce. Some people like sweet flavor sauce with spicy and crispy jalapeno poppers. Some want to add more spice to their jalapeno poppers so they like spicy tasting sauce. In this way, some like jelly, fruity or tarty. Some even like mayonnaise. We have presented here 5 best sauces for jalapeno poppers. tHere we have designed the review section with different flavor options for enjoying crispy jalapeno poppers.

So, you can choose them as per the taste you like most. All five sauces here are some of the best dipping sauces of all time. As we all know, a good sauce can level up any fried item to taste a thousand times better. So, uplift your jalapeno poppers tastes with these delicious sauces whenever you want!!

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