Breville Btm800xl One-Touch Tea Maker Review

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)
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During heavy workload, stressful activities, or even in your relax time, a perfect cup of tea is all we need. An illusionary aroma of bitterness and sweetness from your tea that instantly will let you close your eyes. While sipping the creamy tea, you will get lost in a different state of mind. 

There are two prerequisites for a perfect cup of tea. Well graded tea leaves, and fine brewing.  Fortunately, you don’t have to think about any of these. Just buy the best quality tea ingredients, put them inside your tea maker and keep waiting for the magic. 

BREVILLE BTM800XL ONE-TOUCH TEA MAKER is one of the best seller tea makers in the market. In our Breville btm800xl one-touch tea maker review, we have made an in-depth discussion on every possible matter that you need to know before making your purchase decision. 

Let’s face it. 

Breville btm800xl one-touch tea maker review | Features and Designs

Breville btm800xl one-touch tea maker review

There are thousands of brands and models of tea makers in the market.  It is quite confusing for almost everyone to choose the best one considering the qualities and prices. Not only that, there are tons of duplicate tea maker made with poor quality parts in the name of the original one. 

In this article, we focused on a specific model Breville btm800xl one-touch tea maker. We have broken down every feature, part, customer’s review, and comparison with other brands. 

Let’s know the key features at a glance. 

Key Features of Breville btm800xl

  • Breville Btm800xl starts and shut off automatically
  • It is constructed by German-made glass vessel and brushed stainless steel on the power base 
  • Large glass jug with 51 ounces capacity and a tea basket for carrying loose tea leaves
  • Has tea basket cycle with auto lowers and lifts
  • Designed with the warm feature to keep warm tea for 60 minutes
  • Variable temperature controlling system
  • Timer settings with LCD timer
  • Designed with high-quality LCD
  • Real-time display monitor to watch the progress
  • Attached an Automatic temperature sensor
  • Featured with 5 pre-programmed settings
  • Have to boil dry protection property
  • Voltage range 110-120 volts and can heat quickly for 1500 watt power range



If you go for this proverb “First philosophy then Meritocracy”, you must fall in love with the design of Breville Btm800xl One-Touch Tea Maker. At the same time, its specification and functionalities won’t disappoint you!

It has two main parts known as the power base and electric kettle carafe.

The carafe is situated on the top of the base and the manual settings are at the power base. A small tea basket is also attached with this one-touch tea maker.

The jug gets the electricity from the base to power up its internal heater. The power base contains auto start, warming setting, 5 types of teas such as green tea, black tea, white tea, herbal tea, oolong tea, and also custom made tea options, brew as selecting strong, medium, or mild options whatever you want.

There is another setting for boiling only water on the right side of the power base. The high-quality LCD is also set on the center of the power base that will display the progress time.

The best part of this stainless One-Touch Tea Maker is its lightweight, space saver design, and user-friendliness.

How does the Breville btm800xl one-touch tea maker work?

Breville btm800xl one-touch tea maker review

Breville Btm800xl One-Touch Tea Maker is a complete package for design and its automatic service and amazing performance with the best price range. It comes with some great functionalities that will give you a revolutionary tea experience every time. Making tea at this tea maker is quite easy and time-saving.

  • First, remove the lead of the tea maker and then remove the tea basket. Then fill the jug with water what amount you need though the capacity is 51 ounces. If you have little idea about the right amount of water and tea leaves, an instruction paper is also attached to the tea maker. You can make a perfect combination by following the instructions.
  • Then fill the tea basket with tea leaves of that flavor you want. Then put into the stand in the jug.
  • Now the important part is the settings of the one-touch tea maker. This tea maker is designed with 5 different teas as well as you can make your preferable tea by selecting the custom menu. Every setting is customizable and you can change them easily. You can brew tea leaves as strong, medium, mild, or your preference. On the medium brew setting, they recommended time and temperature with each kind of tea for a perfect flavor and taste.
  •  Different temperatures for different tea leaves like for making green tea 175 ºF or 79 ºC temperature is needed for 3 minutes. Similarly, Black tea is 212ºF or 100 ºC for 2 minutes, Oolong tea is 195ºF or 90.5ºC for 3 minutes, White tea is 185 ºF/ 85 ºC and herbal tea is 212 ºF / 100 ºC for 3 minutes.The customization option is always open for you. You can make it by simply changing the temperature and timer settings.
  • Now for brewing, press the Tea button to start. The water will heat first. It has a 1500 watt heating element that can heat the water very quickly. As for making green tea, after heating to 175 degrees temperature, then lower the basket down lower and steam for 4 minutes. Then set the temperature at medium heat. The setting “basket cycle” is used to increase the rate of infusion and affect tea strength and vice versa.
  • There is a basket button that you can turn up the basket. Also, have a warm button that can keep your remaining tea for 1 hour or 60 minutes. Only the liquid remains warm not but not brewing the tea leaves.
  • There also have an auto start and a timer button. This is programmed in such a way that you can set it for a specific hour of the day when it starts automatically and brew itself to make a cup of tea. This is an amazing feature for a busy working day. You can easily have a cup of tea in the early morning or late at night without disturbing others and without extra effort.
  • It features an LCD to watch the real-time progress. Temperature sensor also here. After finishing your customize time, it will automatically shut off.

Product Specification at a glance

Product Dimension10.3 x 5.9 x 11 inches
MaterialsStainless Steel Power Base on German-made glass vessel
Weight2.67 kg / 6.54 lbs
Jug Capacity:51 ounces
DisplayReal-time LCD monitor
SettingsAuto shut off, temperature sensor, and 5 pre-programmed settings
Power1500 watts
Voltage110-120 volts
Warranty1-year product limited warranty

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1. The Breville btm800xl one-touch tea maker is extremely easy to use. Simply add water and tea leaves to the reservoir, select your desired tea type and strength, and let the machine do the rest.

2. This tea maker produces consistently great-tasting tea, thanks to its precise temperature control and intelligent tea brewing system.

3. The btm800xl one-touch tea maker comes with a generous water tank and several settings, so you can make multiple cups of tea in quick succession.

4. This tea maker also features a built-in water filter, which helps to remove impurities from your water and improve the flavor of your tea.

5. Comes with a tea steeper basket, which allows you to steep loose leaf tea with ease.

6. Finally, the Breville btm800xl one-touch tea maker comes with a 1-year limited warranty, so you can purchase with confidence.

  • A little bit expensive though it is worthy to buy it considering its quality and features
  • Another limitation is the label of the carafe is only in metric units.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use tea bags in the Breville tea maker?

You can make any kind of tea at Breville Tea Maker. It has all kinds of necessary settings to make a perfect cup of tea. You can make tea using tea bags in this tea maker.

To make tea by using tea bags, the process is the same. Firstly, you just simply customize your temperature and timer settings or set it up according to the flavor of your teabag. Then the tea bag is put on the tea basket instead of loose tea leaves.

You can experience a perfect cup of tea by using even tea bags on our reviewing Breville Btm800xl One-Touch Tea Maker.

Can you make coffee in a Breville tea maker?


Though Breville Btm800xl One-Touch Tea Maker is designed for making tea, you can also make coffee by using it.

To make coffee, you should customize the temperature and tier settings then put coffee in the tea basket to brew it. It can make coffee also with a perfect taste but we would not be recommended to make coffee at this tea maker. It might make the cleaning process more difficult.

Is the Breville btm800xl one-touch tea maker easy to use?

Yes, the Breville btm800xl one-touch tea maker is very easy to use. All you have to do is add water and tea leaves into the pot, select your desired tea temperature, and then wait for the pot to brew your tea. The machine will automatically shut off once your tea is ready, so you don’t have to worry about overcooking your tea.

How do I clean my Breville one touch tea maker?

Breville Btm800xl One-Touch Tea Maker is designed with high-quality raw materials and it is easy to clean. Generally, you can use hot water with a vinegar solution to clean the tea kettle and the tea basket. Also, you can find some tea maker cleaners in the market to clean it properly.

We would recommend using vinegar solution with water at a hot watering setting. It is an effective and easiest way to clean the tea maker.

The outer side of the power base is made of stainless steel. You can use kitchen tissue or napkins to wipe and clean it.

The proper one touch tea maker is an ideal plan for tea lovers. Perfect tea making depends on different tea leaves and water temperatures. Over or less boiling can change the taste and perfect flavor of the tea. Our reviewing Breville Btm800xl one touch tea maker can solve all of these problems and surely give a revolutionary tea experience at every time.

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We are at the end of our Breville btm800xl one-touch tea maker review. Hopefully, you find it helpful and take your decision whether you should purchase it or not. Let us know if you need to know anything else in the comment section. Thank you.

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