4 Best Cheap Coffee Beans for Decoration

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2022)
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Do you ever think about decorating your kitchen walls? How it will be if you use something associated with the food and kitchen? Or looking for a cheap, yet stylish way to decorate your kitchen’s countertop, table, or dessert plate? Well, coffee beans will be our answer.
Though often associated with drinking, coffee beans can also be used as part of creative kitchen decoration. However, real and artificial coffee beans have long been used as a decorative item, often used to add a touch of elegance to the kitchen, dinner table as well as the entire home.
For this reason, there are various types of artificial coffee beans are available in the market along with fresh beans. And they are cheap, shiny, as well as long-lasting over real coffee beans.
Now you may ask what are the best and cheap coffee beans for decoration? have a look, here we have picked the 4 cheap and attractive artificial coffee beans for decoration purposes.

Review of 4 Best Cheap Coffee Beans for Decoration

1. Rgontar Resin Coffee Beans, 50 Pcs


Cheap Coffee Beans for DecorationCheck on Amazon


If you’re looking for a unique way to decorate your kitchen, these Rgontar Resin Coffee Beans are a great option! This is a set of 50 resin coffee beans. They are made of durable resin, they look just like real coffee beans, but without the mess.

Also, they are so shiny and glossy so that perfect for adorning shelves, mantles, or even as a tabletop decoration. As a result, there will be added a touch of whimsy to any space.

Besides, these coffee beans are non-toxic and safe for children to use. However, it can be a great gift for coffee lovers.

In addition, some possible ways to incorporate coffee beans into kitchen decor include using them as part of a centerpiece, filling a clear glass bowl or vase with them, or using them to decorate shelves or cabinets.

Coffee beans can also be used in a variety of crafts, such as making wreaths, garlands, and placing them in the kitchen as well as the dining room.


1. They are very realistic looking and would be great for coffee themed decoration

2. They are a great size for small spaces.

3. They are very affordable.

4. Made of high quality resin material, safe and non-toxic.
5. Perfect for decorating your kitchen or coffee shop.


-Quantity is not good enough to decorate large kitchen

2. Gresorth 100g Artificial Coffee Beans


Gresorth 100g Artificial Coffee Beans Fake Vegetable Realistic Home Kitchen Table Cabinet Shop Market Food Show ModelCheck on Amazon


If you are looking to add a touch of realism to your kitchen decoration, then these artificial coffee beans from Gresorth are a perfect choice!

The quantity is 100g, so they are ideal for scattering around vases, bowls, or other decorations to create a lifelike effect.
Also, these artificial coffee beans are perfect for adding to your kitchen table, cabinet, or shop model!

The realistic design looks just like real coffee beans, but these are made from durable and lightweight plastic material.
So far, they are non-toxic as well as safe to use. Thus, they are perfect for adding a touch of realism to your displays and are also great for creating beautiful kitchen props.


1. These artificial coffee beans look realistic and can add a touch of realism to any kitchen decoration.

2. The beans are made of high quality materials and are very durable.

3. They are 100% safe and nontoxic.

4. These coffee beans are easy to clean and can be reused.

5. They are very affordable and will last long.


These coffee beans are not real, so they won‘t add any flavor to your coffee.

3. X Hot Popcorn fake coffee beans, 100 Pcs


X Hot Popcorn 100 Pcs Resin Coffee Beans Simulation Mini Coffee Beans Decor, Faux Coffee Beans for DIY Crafts and Jewelry Making EmbellishmentsCheck on Amazon


Add some fun and personality to your kitchen with these X Hot Popcorn 100 Pcs Resin Coffee Beans. They are perfect for decoration and make a great addition to any coffee lover’s kitchen.

This is a package of 100 mini resin coffee beans. And These beans are made of high-quality resin and are very durable.
Again, the size dimension is 16x8x6mm. So you can add them to a transparent spoon and utensil holder as well.

These beans will keep the utensils stable and beautifully organized. Besides, they are safe to use. Also easy to clean and maintain. So far, with a realistic appearance, they can add a natural and realistic touch to your decoration.


1. These faux coffee beans are perfect for DIY crafts and jewelry making embellishments.

2. They are made of resin, making them durable and high quality.

3. They are 100 pieces, making them a great value.

4. They are realistic and look just like real coffee beans.

5. They are a great way to add a touch of realism to any craft project.


-The packaging may be less than ideal.

4. AMOBESTER Slime Charms Coffee Beans, 20 piece

AMOBESTER Slime Charms Coffee Beans Charms Flatback Buttons for Craft Making EmbellishmentsCheck on Amazon


If you are looking for a fun and unique way to decorate your kitchen, then these AMOBESTER Slime Charms coffee beans are the perfect addition! The packaging contains 20 pieces of coffee beans. They are made of high-quality and nontoxic resin.

Moreover, these beans are realistic looking and will add a touch of whimsy to the kitchen and dining space. Also, they are perfect for placing in a vase or bowl. Besides, they are also great for filling up any empty spaces on your kitchen shelves or countertops.
Additionally, these 1.3cm x 1.6cm coffee beans are durable and long-lasting. Thus, they can be a great way to bring some life to your kitchen décor.


-Adds a fun and unique touch to any kitchen craft project
-Made with high quality materials

-Durable and shiny

-Affordable and easy to set
-Many different designs and colors to choose from


These coffee beans may damage for water conduction.

How to decorate kitchen using coffee beans?

Artificial coffee beans are usually cheap, glassy, and more durable than fresh coffee beans. SO they can be used in several different ways, from being scattered on a table to being used to fill a vase.
– You can put them in a spoon holder, bowl, or even a Mason jar to keep the utensils, flowers steady.
– Coffee beans can also be used to make a wreath or garland and hand it on the kitchen wall or dining wall.
– Spread coffee beans on the coffee cup’s sides, which will create an elegant appearance
– Use them in the candle jar for decoration.
– Fill a clear vase with coffee beans and add a scented candle.
– Make a coffee bean centerpiece for your table.
– Decorate a coffee mug with coffee beans glued on with clear glue.
– String coffee beans together and use them as a curtain or towel tie back.
– Make a coffee bean votive holder by gluing coffee beans around the outside of a glass votive holder.
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