Simple Ciroc Red Berry Recipe

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Ciroc is one of the most popular vodka brands, made by the French corporation Diageo’s classic process of micro distillation. Ciroc red berry is a flavored vodka used in cocktails that often combine a blend of flavors, such as tonic water and cranberry juice. This particular Ciroc red berry mix goes with most flavored drinks.

It’s a pretty popular drink, as it pairs well with sweet and rich beverages. It’d be an excellent choice if accompanied by creamy and rich festive desserts. This delicious cocktail is a great drink to serve during the summer.

This post will show you how to make the Ciroc Red Berry recipe to enjoy drinks at home, using only a few ingredients. If you want another refreshing drink, check out this Kenny’s Cooler cocktail recipe.

Quick Meal Facts

Prep Time

5 minutes

Cook Time

0 minutes

Total Time 

5 minutes

Ease of Cooking 

The recipe is easy to follow, and you don’t need any kitchen experience preparing it.


1 serving


  • 50 ml Ciroc Red Berry
  • 75 ml Cranberry Juice
  • 75 ml Tonic Water
  • Fresh raspberries

Equipment Needed 

  • Highball glass
  • Jigger
  • Stirrer

Cooking Method

  1. Add ice to a highball glass. You can use as many ice cubes as you want.
  2. Fill the tall glass with all the ingredients (Ciroc vodka, cranberry juice, and tonic water) and gently stir to combine.
  3. Add a fresh raspberry as a garnish. Some people also use dried rose petals and dried raspberries to garnish the glass.

Nutritional Information

A serving of Ciroc red berry vodka has 91 calories and two units of alcohol. It has zero fats and protein and only 1.7 carbs. This will vary depending on the amount of red berry vodka used and the additional ingredients.

How Can I Tweak the Ciroc Red Berry Recipe?

Ciroc red berry recipes are an amazing way to get creative and try new things. Red berry Ciroc vodka is ideal for parties and gatherings with friends. 

Some alternative Ciroc red berry drinks are shown below:

Cherry Berry Cocktail

Cherry berry cocktail it’s a refreshing drink, perfect for the summer. It’s a combination of Ciroc Red Berry (45ml), Grenadine (30 ml), and Sprite (120ml). Just take a highball glass and add ice. Then pour the ciroc red berry and fill the glass with sprite or any lime juice you prefer. Add Grenadine syrup and stir gently.

Berry Vodka Sunrise Cocktail

Berry Vodka sunrise is a popular after-dinner drink made of Ciroc Red Berry vodka (70 ml), fresh orange juice (70 ml), and grenadine (5ml). You can either serve it blended with ice or on the rocks. 

Berry Vodka Cocktail

A berry vodka cocktail can be made with a variety of berries. The ingredients you’ll need are Ciroc red berry (45ml), fresh berries (½ cup), basil leaves, fresh lemon juice (15ml), and club soda. You can serve it on the rocks or in a martini glass. This cocktail is usually served after being shaken over ice in a Collins glass with additional berries used as a garnish. 


Ciroc is excellent for mixing well with various beverages. Ciroc Red Berry will definitely be a hit at the next gathering or party. Its fruity taste and the way it’s presented make it irresistible; it’s one of the most gorgeous summer cocktails to serve.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this Ciroc Red berry recipe.

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