Jura Milk Frother Review

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)
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My friend Melinda is really a pro in coffee making. Whenever I visit her home, it seems like I am in the world’s best coffee shop.

Her cappuccino, latte, even hot chocolate have so much consistency with proper coffee strength. In the same way, her cappuccino and latte art is very perfect.

Btw, today I am gonna reveal the secrets of her amazing coffee recipes.

She told me, she makes coffee by thick creamy milk froth with a good coffee bean. Combining these two, the taste and aroma of coffee are incomparable. 

But how to make perfect and creamy milk froth? I use a manual frother, but that doesn’t even happen. Then Melinda showed me her Jura automatic milk frother.  At first glance, I was fascinated by the design and functionality. It is also very easy to clean. I never thought about an automatic milk frother as my kitchen appliance. Due to which I could not make creamy cappuccino even after trying it a lot.

So today it’s all about Jura Milk Frother review. Let’s look at its design, functionality, how you can make beverages by it and, the ways to clean up.

Jura Milk Frother Review

Jura Milk Frother review 2021

Key features

  • Swiss Designed and completely automated milk frother
  • Featured auto shut on/ off system
  • Controlled by illuminated process
  • Comes with hot, warm, and cold– 3 temperature settings
  • Durable and strong Satin less steel removable milk pitcher
  • Clear and durable lid attachment
  • Ability to carry 12 ounces of milk and 8 ounces of froth
  • Designed with 3 whisk– 1 for heating purposes and the other 2 for frothing
  • Engineered with quiet operation so no extra noise or sound during frothing
  • Easy to clean and hand wash only


You will fall in love at first sight with Jura milk frother. The classical construction, Swiss and smart design will amaze you. It comes with 2 parts as an operation unit and a detachable milk pitcher. You don’t have to worry about the durability of the pitcher.

The stainless steel coating pitcher ensures long-term stability and durability without any stains or spots. Also, stainless steel requires low maintenance costs. There is a heat-resistant rubber grip on the outside of the milk pitcher. As the pitcher is removable so that it is easy to use, pour and clean.

Desing of Jura milk frother

The Operating unit contains the button to operate the functionalities of the milk frother. Also contains 2 frother whisk at the bottom. As there is an electric motor on the base which does not make noise. It also prevents dairy products or chocolates from burning.

You can place it at kitchen counters with no risk as the base comes with smooth and sleek design.

A clear lid is also included with the frother. There is no chance to fall out the frother outside for the lid. Also, you can see the consistency without removing the lid.


The capacity of the Jura milk frother is quite larger than any other milk frother. You can pour around 12 ounces of milk and 8 ounces of froth into the pitcher. Simply you can make 2-4 cups of your favorite cappuccino, cold Macha latte, or hot chocolate at a time.

There are also maximum and minimum lines inside the pitcher to indicate more or less foam quantity.

Temperature Settings

Another impressive feature of Jura milk frother is it comes with 3 different temperature settings such as hot, warm, and cold. You can change these three options with only one button to change the milk temperature. 

Temperature settings of Jura Milk Frother

When you press the button if it indicates blue light that means it’s just frothing.  You have to press twice to enable hot temperature.

3rd press will enable full temperature with full frothing and make a lot of volumes.

Automated operation

The best thing, this is a fully automated milk frother and has the facility to auto turn on/off which is completely safe. This is also an uncommon feature that is absent in most milk frothers.

Froth Disks

Jura automatic milk frother featured three frothing disks, one on the inside and the other 2 stored in the bottom. There is a small storage disk for less froth for a latte and another for more froth for making drinks like cappuccino.

Froth Disks of Jura Milk frother

The one disk for heating purposes and the other 2 for frothing purposes. And easy to pop them out if needed. You can select from these three whisk attachments to make your favorite beverages.


The safety issue is one of the vital and considering factors for any appliance. Jura milk frother is safe to use and operate. The detachable stainless steel milk pitcher is easy to clean with your hands at the sink. Again auto shut on and shut off option added precautions.

Control system

Jura milk frother is engineered by an illuminated control system that is easy to use. So you don’t need to worry about the control system during frothing milk.

Control System of Jura milk frother

How to use/functionality

Jura milk frother comes with a combination of classical design and simple functionality. A manual instruction comes with the product. You can simply read out the instructions to operate properly. Jura milk froth is fully automated so that it’s quite easy and safe to operate than handheld frother or manual foam frother.

After making a film of milk, the coffee-making process will be easier. If you like to draw on a cappuccino, you have to practice more and more with the foamed milk.

First, switch it on and pour the pitcher with ⅓  or ¼ of liquid full cream milk or almond milk whatever you like. You can use steamed milk or skim milk instead. The consistency also depends on the quality of the milk. Now you need to press the frothing button according to your beverage.

How to use of Jura Milk Frother

The blue light indicates it just frothing and the red light indicates it froths with full heat and volume. You have to press the button once to make cold milk foam. Press twice for the warm option to froth at 70°C, and three times for hot drinks at 90°C.

If you want to make shop-class creamy froth to make a tasty cappuccino, enable the button at full heat and full volume. It will take approximately 4 minutes to froth 8 ounces of milk. It will give around 160+ foam consistency that is the best for cappuccino art. Latte art foam consistency is usually about 140.

The delicious foam can make more tasty and creamy coffee. Similarly, you can make foamed milk for cold beverages like Iced Macha latte, cold coffee, Iced almond milkshake, etc. Press the button once to make cold froth without heat. Not only milk, but you can also make froths for delicious hot chocolate.

How to use Jura automated milk frother

As it is an electric frother, so make sure your voltage should not be too low or more than 110/120V.  After fully froth, open up the lid and pour on the cup simply or draw cappuccino or latte art by your choice.

How to clean Jura Milk Frother

In this section of the Jura milk frother review, we try to sum up its cleaning process step by step. It supports only hand washing.

Turn off the power and wait until the milk jug gets cold. As the construction material of the pitcher is stainless steel so that it gets hot during frothing. It can’t be washed immediately after frothing.

Now, remove the lid and wash with soapy water. Then wipe it with soft kitchen tissue or towel. As there is a rubber seal, there is a chance to remain milk residue with it. Carefully remove the rubber seal and wipe it with a soft cloth. If it gets oily, use soapy water to wash it. Do not rub or pull it. That may cause an increase in the length and it will not seal the frother properly.

How to clean jura milk frother lid

Remove the milk pitcher from the base. Then pop up the whisk from the inside, softly clean with a non-abrasive sponge and soapy water. You can also dishwasher detergent to wash it. Once washed, wipe with a soft towel or let it dry over the air.

How to clean jura milk frother whisk

It’s time to clean the main part of the milk frother. The stainless steel pitcher can clean easily. After cooling down, pour ¾ of soapy water and keep for 8-10 minutes. Then softly rub with a non-abrasive sponge or soft microfiber cloth. You can also use dishwasher detergents. It leaves a sparkling milk pitcher.

How to clean stainless steel jura milk frother pitcher

You can use a plastic or wooden spoon to remove milk residue from the body. Be careful, do not use the metal spoon on it. It will damage the coating. And do not use a wet or damp cloth to wipe the bottom.

Another way to remove milk residue by using white vinegar. Vinegar is a widely used ingredient to remove milk residue from stainless steel appliances. Spay vinegar inside and keep them for 5-10 minutes. Then rub with microfiber cloths and it will leave a fully clean milk pitcher. Do not rub hard. That will cause damage to the pitcher.

How to clean jura milk frother using vinegar

As this one is an electric milk frother, you should wash it carefully. You should not keep it unclean for a long time after making milk froth. It will damage your frother and reduce its lifespan. Regular cleaning and wiping are helpful to avoid stubborn stains and water stains. At the same time, wash your coffee cups after every use to prevent stubborn coffee stains. 

What we liked

You can make your all favorite milk beverages either hot or cold via Jura milk frother

Can select hot, warm, or cold temperature options to make drinks

The Jura milk frother can be operated by pressing only one button

Milk froth remain warm for a long time for warm temperature setting

You can froth milk and maintain foam consistency for in-built 3 frothing whisk

The oval shape stainless steel pitcher is durable and easy to pour

The milk pitcher has a pretty large capacity to hold 8-ounces of froth and 12-ounces of milk

The pitcher has indicating mark inside that helps to pour perfectly

The illuminated controls provide an easy and safe user experience

Quiet operation and minimal maintenance costs 

It comes with the feature of automatic shut on/off so that no need to worry if you forgot to turn off

You can simply wash the removable pitcher with detergent and wipe the lower portion easily

What we didn’t like

  • The only drawback of Jura milk frother is it takes more than 2 minutes to make frothy milk properly. Though the period is quite lengthy, after completing the cycle, you will be happy to see the perfect milk froth.
  • It is not dishwasher-friendly. But it is easy and simple to clean by hands and we already discuss the step-by-step process for proper cleaning.

Product Specifications at a glance

ColorStainless Steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH   8.5 x 5 x 5 inches
Item Weight 3 Pounds
Capacity8 oz. frothed milk/11.5 oz. heated milk (235 ml/340 ml)
MaterialStainless steel vs plastic
Temperature mode3
Wattage550 W
Voltage110/120 Volts
ClaeningHand wash only

Final Words

Is it worth investing in Jura milk frother? I think it is a good decision to purchase jura milk frother instead of handheld or manual milk frother. Although the price range is slightly higher than other frothers, it is the best milk frother for its functionality, quality, and durability. There is no need for additional maintenance and it is fully safe to use. It can be easily cleaned by hand. Just as it is not possible to go to a restaurant every day to have creamy coffee, many people do not have the ability to buy an expensive espresso machine or coffee machine. You don’t need to buy a coffee maker to make a cup of cafe-class coffee.

With only one appliance, you will get both hot coffee and cold coffee with thick or light milk foam. Or whether you want to drink  a cup of hot milk chocolate after a long day’s work, or a glass of cold coffee in the scorching heat, or have a cappuccino craving at the mid night -This Jura automatic Milk Frother can be the best solution to all of these problems. You can froth milk for cappuccino, latte Macchiato or even hot chocolates.

Enjoy any of your moments with a perfect and tasty cup of coffee and make it special too.

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