Why Is It Important To Keep Your Kitchen Clean?

(Last Updated On: July 12, 2022)
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Food is very dear to all of us! Not all of us eat to survive, some live to eat! But, even where the necessary or fun foods are made, it needs your love and attention. Since most of the day, you spend there we should take a little care of our kitchen! The foods made in a dirty environment cause illness. So it is important to keep your kitchen clean, isn’t it!

Having a clean and hygienic kitchen is beneficial to keeping sound health and a sound mind and is somewhat life-saving. Let’s take a look at the following reasons Why is it important to keep your kitchen clean?

So, Why is it important to keep your kitchen clean?

A well-cleaned kitchen will not only help you kill germs, it’s way greater than that. We have summed up some leading benefits, you can get simply by cleaning your kitchen in a proper way.

Protection from Covid-19, Avoid foodborne illness, Hygiene Maintain, Safety purpose, Pest control, Save time and energy, Better Organization, Keep it odorless, Create a great environment, Save money.

Hey! wait… it’s not the end. An in-depth discussion of each of the importance and some special tips are waiting for you in the next part.

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Protection from Covid-19

Right now, we are passing a hard time in this century due to the Corona Virus pandemic. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 89.7M people have already been affected by Covid-19, and the cause of death is about 1.93M people.

The effective way to protect yourself and your family from the coronavirus are to maintain proper safety precautions and food safety.

The kitchen is the place where we put and store several products for cooking and eating as Covid-19 spreads by touching something where the affected person touched or sneeze.

So there is a risk of grocery shopping for raw products for preparing your daily meal. It is important to wear a mask, use disposable gloves, and follow social distancing when you go out and you have to do proper sanitization techniques after coming home. You can follow my conversation with Parasakthi here.

You should disinfect your kitchen products packet properly and also sanitize the door handle, and kitchen surfaces with soapy water where you put them. Fruits and vegetables should clean with plain water properly or put into warm water for 10-20 minutes before eating to avoid risk. Egg and meat should be well-cooked. Maintaining proper sanitization of your kitchen can protect you from Coronavirus.

Avoid foodborne illnesses

Foodborne illness mainly occurs due to spoilage or cross-contamination. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that every year in the United State, there are about 76 million cases of foodborne illness. Salmonella, Campylobacter, pathogenic E. coli, and Listeria are some of the biggest culprits introduced into the human body by food. Some other germs can also be transmitted from irrational and unwanted human carriers to food and then spread to others in the family.

As food preparation is done in the kitchen a clean kitchen is necessary like our 5 basic needs. Using the different cutting boards for different meat and vegetables, cleaning hands properly before and after cutting, cooking and serving any food, using a clean knife and utensil, etc are the basic precautions to follow to avoid food poisoning and risks of foodborne illness.

Hygiene Maintain

A hygienic and clean kitchen can play a vital role in the overall health condition of your family members. If your kitchen is not cleaned properly and regularly, it will cause several diseases. Germs are gone inside of your body and for the time being, it will affect you badly. A clean kitchen ensures your preparing foods are hygienic and healthy to eat. You should not make a bulk of used kitchen tools as well as sanitize your work area with kitchen cleaners to avoid the spread of any bacteria.

Safety purpose

 The cleanliness of your kitchen is not only a health concern but also necessary for safety purposes. As cookware, water, electricity, high heat, utensils, and sharp objects are in the kitchen, your slight unconcern and unawareness can lead to an unwanted accident anytime.

The gas stove should shut off, electricity power off after cooking, knife, spoon, spatulas, and other sharp utensils should store in cabinets or stand, water tap should be closed after use. Your little concern can protect you otherwise you may need to spend a day in the emergency room for a silly kitchen accident. Thus a clean and organized kitchen is essential for your overall safety during cooking.

Better Organization

The hardest part is the kitchen organization. Both small and large-sized kitchens should be organized properly. Daily necessary cookware, kitchen tools, utensils, cutting boards, and kitchen towels should keep near your hand but in a different drawer or rack.

Large and little or occasionally used cookware should be stored on the shelves far from your working place. Glass items should place properly where no chance of a slip or drop on the floor. Dry foods and species should store in containers. Sharp kitchen tools should keep in a safe place or cabinet to avoid accidents.

When the dishes are washed and the countertops are clean, you feel better and give concentrate on other work. Always have a concern about the gas line and electricity should not be situated near. Similarly, the water line or kitchen sink should be far from each other. A better-organized kitchen will help you to cook in less time and cheerfully.

 Pest control

 Almost all the outer things and raw materials are stored in our kitchen. We should wash, cut, and cook them to eat. Excess and unnecessary parts stay in our kitchen, we should clean them and store the leftovers in the bin. Otherwise, a dirty kitchen will become home to cockroaches, ants, mice, and rats.

They will make you crazy by doing their activities, making your kitchen dirtier, and destroying food and kitchen items. They are the cause of many diseases also. If you keep neat and clean, no pest can do any harm to food and the kitchen.

Keep it odorless

Some people kept unnecessary and rotted things in their kitchen for a long time and do not store them in the dustbin. It results in pest visits as well as kitchen stinks. To make your kitchen environment odorless, keep rooted and leftovers in a polybag, tie them properly, and throw them into the dustbin. It is a good practice to dispose of rotted materials every day.

In the refrigerator, raw meat, fish, and vegetables should keep in a different section. Similarly, a separate box should use for several spices. This technique helps to make your kitchen odorless. Cooking place, used plate, glass, dinnerware, and cookware all should wash regularly. A fresh kitchen keeps your mind and health sound and healthy.

Save time and energy

According to a survey, women spend 52 minutes per day preparing a meal in the kitchen and men spend 22 minutes. A clean and organized kitchen can save their time and energy. If you do not clean your kitchen regularly, the next day you need more times to clean them and prepare meals.

It will make dirty, unhealthy as well as you need to give more time and effort. Similarly, if you put food items and kitchen tools here and there, you will need more time to get them whenever you need them. So a clean kitchen can give you more time to spend your leisure or more time in other work.

Create a great environment

A clean and hygienic kitchen makes an appealing look and creates a great environment in your house at the same time. In many apartments, the kitchen is situated at the side of the dining. A clean kitchen ensures a healthy environment for your dining.

If you and your family members make a habit to wash your dinnerware after having a meal individually, it will reduce the cleaning hassle. It will create a good example for your child. Regular cleaning and organizing the kitchen alone is quite difficult.

All members can be a part of it to make a good environment for your house. Also, a clean kitchen makes a good impression on the guests.

Saving money

 Clean the kitchen also can save you money. If you do not clean it regularly, stains may be permanent on the kitchen surface, cookware, and kitchen tools. Foods got rotted if you do not store them properly or keep mixing raw meat with vegetables.

In these cases, you need to spend more money to remove permanent stains, repair them, or buy new kitchen items and foods. If you do not maintain kitchen appliances, it decreases the functionality of your kitchen appliances gradually. A lot of money needs to repair or buy them. So a clean and organized kitchen can save your money as well.

Hopefully, now you have no confusion about why is it important to keep your kitchen clean. A clean kitchen helps to develop and maintain your and your family members’ health. Allocate at least half an hour every day to clean the kitchen.

It will make a better environment and you will have a great cooking experience in a clean kitchen. Your mind will be cheerful while making meals in a clean kitchen. Thus keeping your kitchen clean is important as well as worth it for many reasons.

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