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(Last Updated On: January 23, 2023)
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Nothing can beat a sip of coffee with chocolate notes in the morning! Generally, coffee is a caffeine source and helps boost our energy levels. But for a coffee lover, a cup of perfect coffee is more than that.

If the coffee has chocolate notes, the pleasant flavor and aroma will blow your mind and keep your energy level at its peak. Or, after having a busy working day, you can treat yourself to a chocolate-flavored coffee. The caffeine in coffee helps to reduce your tiredness, and the chocolate will provide antioxidants to lift your mood.

You will find so many chocolate notes coffee brands in the market, but which are the best in quality? Before deciding on a purchase, you should consider the coffee beans’ quality, either pre-ground or whole bean form, where is the origin, packaging, price range comparing quantity, the type of chocolate notes either dark or white and obviously the versatility of brewing. It seems difficult to choose? Well choosing the best coffee with chocolate notes is not rocket science though! 

Let’s look at the below to find out the best brand of coffee with chocolate notes!

Product Image Product Name Details Price
illy-Classico-Whole-Bean-Coffee-with-Notes-Of-Chocolate-Caramel illy Classico Whole Bean Coffee with Notes        Weight – 8.8 Ounce (Pack of 6)
Item Form – Ground
Rating 4.9/5.0
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Illy-Classico-E.S.E.-Pods-with-Notes-of-Chocolate-Caramel-18-Count-Pack-Of-12 Illy Classico E.S.E. Pods with Notes  Weight – 18 Count (Pack Of 12)
Item Form – Pod
Rating 4.9/5.0
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Mauds-Dark-Chocolate-Mocha-Cappuccino-Dark-Roast-Espresso-Coffee Maud’s Dark Chocolate Mocha Cappuccino         Weight – 2.33 Pounds
Item Form – K-Cups, Pods
Rating 4.8/5.0
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Eight-OClock-Coffee-Dark-Italian-Espresso-Ground-Coffee-11.5-Ounce Eight O’Clock Coffee Dark Italian Espresso, Ground Coffee    Weight – 11.5 Ounce (Pack of 6)
Item Form – Ground
Rating 4.8/5.0
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Coffee-Bean-Direct-Chocolate-Raspberry-Flavored-2.5-Pound-Bag Coffee Bean Direct Chocolate Raspberry Flavored      Weight – 2.5-Pound Bag
Item Form – Whole Bean
Rating 4.8/5.0
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Mt.-Comfort-Coffee-with-chocolate-notes-2.5-pound-bag-1 Mt. Comfort Coffee with chocolate notes         Weight – 2.5-Pound Bag
Item Form – Whole Beans
Rating 4.7/5.0
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Why do most coffee beans have chocolate as one of the taste notes?

Research shows people love coffee beans with richer chocolate notes than any other flavor notes! Why do most coffee beans have chocolate as one of the taste notes?

First, what are the tasting notes in coffees? Well, tasting notes are the combination of character, flavor, and aroma of coffee. There are so many types of tasting notes, like dark chocolates, milk chocolate notes, nutty notes, herbal notes, caramels, and fruity notes (like raspberry pie, cocoa notes, etc.). They can be presented as a single tasting note or a combination of 2 or 3 of them. 

Coffee with chocolate notes means the flavor notes of coffee are chocolate. It may be a light, medium, or dark roast. You can choose as per your taste bud and preferences.

Why do most coffee beans have chocolate as one of the taste notes

Is it essential to present tasting notes in coffee? Yes, it’s part of a perfect cup of coffee. The chocolate-tasting note complements the acidic taste and enhances the aroma of any brewing method.

In addition, drinking coffee has several health benefits. Also, chocolates provide antioxidants, sometimes dark chocolate has vitamins B, and E, which are good for our bodies. Again, this helps quickly boost our energy level more than any other note or beverages like tea or soft drinks.

After all, a cup of coffee with chocolate notes will give you the ultimate experience of sweet, smooth, and tasty coffee.

Top 6 Best coffee with chocolate notes

Here we have focused on finding the six best coffees with chocolate notes and try to break down why you should go for them and the drawbacks with an in-depth review.

illy Classico Whole Bean Coffee with Notes Of Chocolate & Caramel | 8.8 Ounce (Pack of 6)

illy Classico Whole Bean Coffee with Notes Of Chocolate & Caramel

Want a blast of creamy, sweet, chocolaty coffee every morning? Try this 100% Arabica Illy Classico Whole Bean Ground Coffee! This is a versatile coffee with a chocolate note; you can brew it using any of your favorite methods, such as espresso, iced latte, or cappuccino! The Classico medium roast coffee will give a perfect taste, and you will go crazy over the chocolaty aroma every time.

In addition, you don’t need to use a coffee grinder to grind the coffee bean, as it comes in powder form.

This coffee comes in can packaging that helps to keep the flavor note and taste full of freshness.

Also, no chemical or artificial preservatives are used. They have applied a unique pressurized technique to keep the coffee powder fresh and flavorful for a long time.

Therefore, this coffee is safe to drink. Also, the quantity of 8.8 ounces is good enough to make a perfect cup of coffee. That reduces the hassle of measuring coffee for each cup!

Again, the advantage of Arabian coffee is that it contains vitamins B and E, as well as magnesium and potassium. Besides rich chocolate and caramel notes, it helps to protect your body from infections and diseases.

The brand Illy has been producing quality coffee for more than 30 years, so you will be satisfied with the taste and aroma of the coffee.

Illy Classico is one of the best coffees with chocolate notes that can cheer you up at any time!

Why not choose to review this one in our best coffee with chocolate notes article?

  • Classico Medium Roast coffee powder can brew at any method you want
  • 100% Arabica coffee with a blast of caramel and chocolate notes
  • Unique Pressurized coffee can keep coffee powder flavorful and fresh
  • Formulated as coffee powder, it reduces the hassle of grinding coffee
  • No artificial preservative is used, so healthy and safe to drink
  • Pre-measured quantity helps easy and quick coffee brewing.
  • 30 years experienced in brand maintaining their quality, authentic taste, and aroma of coffee

Though Arabic coffee with chocolate notes tastes too good and yummy, every 8 ounces of brewed coffee has approximately 100 milligrams of caffeine.

So taking over 4/5 cups of coffee may hamper your regular sleeping routine.

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Illy Classico E.S.E. Pods with Notes of Chocolate & Caramel |18 Count (Pack Of 12)

Illy Classico E.S.E. Pods with Notes of Chocolate & Caramel 18 Count (Pack Of 12)

If you are a die-hard fan of Illy Classic, you can purchase the 18 Count (Pack of 12) of Illy Classico E.S.E., which is almost the same as the Illy Whole Bean ground coffee.

This one is also from the illy brand and 100% Arabica coffee. No preservatives are used to preserve the coffee powder. Drinking Arabica coffee is safe and healthy, as we already mentioned in our previous product review. They both have the same properties except for the size and formula.

This one comes in 12 packs and E.S.E. Pods form. The advantages of E.S.E pods are pre-measured and perfectly ground. You don’t need to buy after finishing 1 pack as well as by the E.S.E pod; you can brew espresso within 30 seconds.

Get a chocolatey taste with every sip of coffee!

Maud’s Dark Chocolate Mocha Cappuccino Dark Roast Espresso Coffee

Maud's Dark Chocolate Mocha Cappuccino Dark Roast Espresso Coffee

This time, we aim to review one of the best coffees with chocolate notes for those who love dark chocolate the most! Maud’s coffee is 100% Arabica Dark Chocolate Mocha Cappuccino and free from dairy. Again, the dark-roasted espresso beans may taste bitter but are enriched with a taste full of delicious chocolate, and the creamy texture will amaze you.

When brewing Maud’s dark chocolate coffee, the sweet aroma of cappuccino fills the entire house and gives heavenly feelings! The beans are organic and fair trade as well as free from any kinds of harmful chemicals.

Having dark chocolate is healthy and even helps to lose weight. If you drink dark chocolate-flavored mocha cappuccino, it works for both your health and your mind. Also, take part to cheer up your energy level!

The California roasted coffee beans are produced in solar energy production so that the company also monitors and assures quality and perfection.

The coffee powder comes in compact k-cups/pods; they are convenient for any coffee maker, espresso machine, or vending machine, including 2.0 appliances. The k-cups are also eco-friendly and 100% recyclable.

Press the brew button, and have a delicious coffee with the tastiest dark chocolate notes.

  • 100% dairy-free, organic, Arabica Dark Roast Espresso Coffee
  • Get a delicious Dark Chocolate Mocha taste at every sip of a drink
  • K-cups are compact, easy to peel off
  • Pods are Suitable to use at any coffee machine or espresso machine
  • Each pod is made of #5 plastic materials and is recyclable
  • Quality and compatibility at an affordable price range

As the coffee powder comes in a k-cup, you face a problem making a perfect cup of coffee if you don’t use an espresso or vending machine.

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Eight O’Clock Coffee Dark Italian Espresso, Ground Coffee, 11.5 Ounce (Pack of 6)

Eight O'Clock Coffee Dark Italian Espresso, Ground Coffee, 11.5 Ounce

If you have trouble making up your mind, try Eight O’Clock Coffee with chocolate notes. It will invigorate you in a moment. The coffee beans are the darkest roast and are finely ground so that you will get an authentic espresso taste. The combo of caramel and chocolate notes and aroma will amaze your mind!

Sometimes medium or light roast coffees taste acidic or may leak flavors, whereas dark roast coffees are finely roasted and cannot face the issues anymore.

Again, the Eight O’Clock is a 100% Arabica coffee that contains potassium, manganese, vitamin B, and E. These nutrients are essential for our body. By drinking coffee, you can meet up the demand for those nutrients.

In addition, having less than 400gm of coffee per day won’t lead your body to face dehydration. Each packet comes in the size of 11.5 gm. You can easily make 2 cups of coffee with one pack.

Since 1859, they have been producing quality coffees with elegant aromas at their factory. Also, they are Kosher Certified, therefore no question about their quality.

Refresh yourself by brewing a cup of Eight O’Clock Coffee and blow your mind with rich chocolate notes.

  • Rich with caramel and chocolate notes
  • Thoroughly roast and ground coffee; you don’t need any grinder
  • 100% Arabic coffee with nutrients
  • 150 years of producing experience with their careful supervision
  • Packaging is good, compact, and eco-friendly
  • The brand is also Kosher Certified

Having more than 400gm of dark-roasted coffee per day may cause insomnia.

Coffee Bean Direct Chocolate Raspberry Flavored, 2.5-Pound Bag

Coffee Bean Direct Chocolate Raspberry Flavored, 2.5-Pound Bag

Many think coffee with chocolate notes may taste bitter, but Coffee Bean Direct will change your mind! It comes with the sweet taste of raspberry and actual chocolate notes.

The coffee beans are collected from the chocolaty undertones of coffee beans and are perfectly complemented by the chocolate notes, which add the fruity flavors and velvety taste of raspberry to the coffee.

It comes in whole bean form in a bag. The packaging ensures it remains fresh till the last bean of coffee. Again, the price range is affordable compared with the size. Tension-free, one bag is good enough for one month.

Each coffee type needs different-sized particles; you can grind as you desire to make any kind of coffee, like cold brew, cappuccino, espresso, French press, Aeropress, and so on!

Start every morning with a cup of perfect coffee full of the raspberry pie taste and chocolate aroma!!

  • Rich with sweet raspberry and actual chocolaty notes
  • Versatile whole coffee beans are suitable for making any coffee
  • The compact packaging comes in 1 large bag
  • No artificial or chemical preservative is used.
  • The brand Extract the most decadent coffee flavors and tastes for 10+ years.

If you have no coffee grinder but like ground coffee, you will have a problem grinding this one as it comes in whole coffee bean form.

Mt. Comfort Coffee with chocolate notes, 2.5 pound bag

We have picked Mt. Comfort Coffee to review the best coffee with nuts and chocolate notes in our review section for those who love having sweet, smooth, and velvety coffee every morning.

Not only in the morning but also after a busy working day, the nutty, chocolate, and citrus notes of Mt. Comfort Coffee will also boost your energy level.

This one comes in 2.5-lb bags with 100% premium roasted whole beans. The eco-friendly and resealable bag assures the longevity of flavor and freshness for the last bean of the packet. If you want, you can keep them in an airtight box after opening the pack.

The source of the single-origin coffee bean is Peru. They provide excellent coffee beans with luxurious coffee flavors and have not compromised their quality since they started.

Furthermore, this is not bitter or smoky in flavor. They are versatile enough to brew in any coffee-making process after grinding them.

As a coffee drinker, what do you want from a cup of coffee?

  • Luxurious aroma and Rich taste notes of nut, citrus, and chocolate
  • Grown and produced in Peru as single-origin whole coffee bean
  • You can experience a smooth, velvety, and chocolaty taste.
  • Versatile coffee beans are suitable to grind and brew for any Type of coffee
  • Premium roasted coffee beans come in a resealable bag packaging
  • They remain fresh and flavorful till the end
  • Most affordable price range comparing the quality and quantity

You have to grind the whole beans to make them suitable for the brewing process

Final words

We try to sum up the six best coffees with chocolate notes from white to dark chocolate, pre-ground to whole bean. Our research team spent almost two weeks giving their honest review according to their practical experience and a survey result of 100 chocolate coffee lovers’ reviews.

Then we have picked the top 6 chocolate coffee brands for you. And they are all versatile coffee brands; you can make either cold brew coffee or delicious cappuccino, espresso, latte, and so on.

Hopefully, now you can easily purchase the best coffee with chocolate notes without doubt or confusion.

Let us know which one is your most favorite chocolate coffee brand and how our review helps you to find out the best one. Also, feel free to comment below or inbox us to give any suggestions or if you have any queries.

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