How to reheat Philly Cheesesteak – 5 best methods!

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Philly cheesesteak is a classic, tasty sub, filled with tender thinly sliced steak and melted cheese. Philly Cheesesteaks were first created in Philadelphia as a twist on the steak sandwich. There’s a solid reason why they’re a popular choice in sandwich shops all around the world – their amazing taste.

If you’ve found yourself with leftover cheesesteak and don’t want it to go to waste, you’re in the right place. After all it can be hard to finish the entire sandwich in one sitting sometimes!

Here you can find the best sauce for your Philly cheesesteak.

Reheating methods

There are plenty of methods available when it comes to reheating leftover cheesesteak. You may reheat your cheesesteaks in the microwave, in the oven, in the toaster oven, airfryer, microwave or the stovetop. Alternatively you can enjoy a Philly cheesesteak cold if you want to take your leftovers on the go with you.

However, your method of choice depends on a number of factors. Depending on how many Philadelphia Cheesesteaks you would like to reheat and the amount of time you have available, you can choose which method to use.

1. Microwave 

Although it is doable and quite simple to reheat a cheesesteak sandwich in the microwave, it’s important to acknowledge the fact that you will have to toast the bread in the toaster oven separately from the cheese and meat. This will prevent the bread from becoming soggy. 

Start by separating the cheese and meat from the bread of your cheesesteaks and put them on a microwave-safe plate. Place the bread inside a 250°F preheated toaster oven and let the cheesesteak heat up. Then, put the cheese and meat dish into the microwave and cook for approximately 1.5 minutes on high heat. If you feel it’s not fully heated, continue adding 15 second intervals until it is.

After the cheese and meat has heated, take the bread out of the toaster oven and reassemble your cheesesteaks by adding back the meat and other ingredients of your preference. Although it may seem like a lot of work, microwaving the ingredients, by heating its bread separately, this method will deliver the best results and make sure it’s piping hot.

However, If you are in a hurry or don’t have a toaster oven, you can still reheat the leftovers of your Philadelphia cheesesteaks in less than 3 minutes. Just let them cool for 1 minute before eating.

2. Oven

An easy way to reheat a single cheesesteak sandwich or a large number of them is a conventional oven. There’s sufficient space for many cheesesteaks to be cooked at the same time, and this method yields a high quality result. One of the best aspects of this method is that it prevents the bread from getting mushy. The bread will be perfectly toasted and along with the warm meat and cheese, your sandwich will be the same as it was when it was made.

The first step is to preheat the oven at 375°F. Choose a baking sheet that’s big enough to fit as many Philly Cheesesteaks as you are planning to reheat. Once removing the baking sheet from the oven, allow your cheesesteaks to cool for 5 minutes before serving. You can serve these to family and friends or just eat them all by yourself! 

3. Toaster oven

The toaster oven method is quite similar to the oven method in some aspects; the only differences are that the toaster oven approach takes less time to reheat food and the fact that you can only fit 1-2 cheesesteaks in it at once. Therefore, this might not be the most effective way to reheat more than 2 Philly cheesesteaks. The oven method would be a much more time-saving and effective way to reheat a large number of cheesesteaks.  

The toaster oven has the benefit of being a relatively quicker method to reheat the cheesesteaks than a conventional oven.

So, let’s get into it! To reheat a cheesesteak sandwich in the toaster oven, start by preheating your toaster oven to 300°F. Wrap the cheesesteaks in aluminum foil and place them on a baking sheet that has the same size of your toaster oven. Place the baking sheet on the toaster oven’s rack and cook the cheesesteaks for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, flip them to the other side and allow them to cook for 5 more minutes. Once done, take the cheesesteaks out of the toaster oven and carefully remove the aluminum foil.

Let the sandwiches cool for 1-2 minutes before serving.

4. Stovetop

If you consider reheating the meat in a skillet on the stovetop, it’s a good idea place some aluminum foil on the stovetop, and then add butter or oil. This will prevent the meat from sticking to it and it will add some extra moisture. Once you put your desired form of fat into the skillet, heat at medium heat until warm. Then, place the meat and add a lid on top to cover it. Cook each side for 1-2 minutes.

It may seem simple, but proceed with caution so you won’t overcook it. This method works great if you want to reheat 1-2 Philly Cheesesteaks at the same time.

5. Air fryer

Air fryers are a kitchen staple in many households as they produce high-quality dishes quickly and without the negative health effects of traditional oil frying. Reheating your cheesesteak sandwich using an airfryer is easy, convenient and you will also avoid soggy bread.

Just set your air fryer to 300°F and allow it to reheat. After it has heated up, place the sandwich inside and cook for 3-4 minutes. Once done, allow to cool for 1 minute at room temperature before consuming.

Airfrying is one of the simplest methods to reheat your cheesesteak as it’s fast and also preserves a good quality. However, if you want to reheat more than one sandwich, then this method might not be for you.

How to prevent your Philly Cheesesteak from becoming soggy when reheating

If you want to reheat your Philadephiea cheesesteak but want to avoid getting soggy bread, you should consider storing the bread and filing separately and reassembling before eating. This method will require a little bit of extra work, but it will give you the best results. You can also consider toasting the bread before consuming as it will soak up any excess moisture.

How to Store a Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich

Cheesesteak subs are incredibly filling, so sometimes you may feel full after having only half of it. You can easily store them to enjoy them later. 

A cheesesteak can only be kept at room temperature for a maximum of 2 hours and must be properly stored to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. Beyond this time, it would not be safe for consumption.

Refrigerating your philly cheesesteak

If you do not intend to consume any leftover philly cheesesteaks within 2 hours, storing them in the refrigerator is an excellent idea to keep them fresh for about 5 days. Just place the filled sub in an airtight container or a resealable plastic bag (with any extra air removed) and store them in the refrigerator. 

Freezing your philly cheesesteak

If you plan storing your Philly cheesesteak for more than 5 days, consider freezing it. Just wrap each cheesesteak in aluminum foil and then repeat with a layer of heavy duty foil. This way your sandwich’s flavor and overall quality will be preserved. 

This method will allow you to store your frozen cheesesteak for up to 3 months. A good way to know how long they’ve been frozen, is by writing the date they were frozen on the packaging.

Best Side Dishes to Enjoy with Philly Cheesesteak

Serving the same dish over and over again might be boring. Side dishes are simple and add a little bit of extra flavor in cases when you feel like your weeknight meals are becoming a boring routine. 

French fries 

French fries are always a great idea for a side dish to any toasted sandwich or sub. Fries pair well with any type of sandwich and are easy to prepare too. If you want an extra bit of flavor, simply add a little Cajun seasoning. 

Sweet potato fries

Well seasoned sweet potato fries go heavenly with Philly cheesesteaks. Just make sure you serve them hot so you can enjoy them with the melted cheese sandwich.  

Onion rings

Even though a classic Philly cheesesteak already has onions in it, onion rings will give an extra kick of contrast to the tender meat and soft bread. They’re delicious and highly addictive. 


Coleslaw is a light, healthy and refreshing side dish that complements the heavy meat and cheese filling. Nothing beats a creamy, cold and crisp coleslaw side to make a truly delicious dish!

Even though it’s such a simple recipe that only has 3 ingredients, shredded carrots, cabbage and mayonnaise, its crispness and sweetness pairs beautifully with this hot snack. The temperature difference between the main and the side dish makes it a fantastic, tasteful experience!


A fantastic side dish that pairs well with practically everything is salad. In addition, a salad side dish compensates for the lack of fiber in a meaty and cheese heavy dish. 


Pickles are a side dish that go well with almost every dish. You may seem surprised at how addictive pickles are as they give a good contrast both in texture and flavor. 


Philly Cheesesteaks are not only rich in flavor but they also have the ideal balance of crunchy toaster bread and melty cheese. If you’ve found yourself with leftover cheesesteaks, you can just store them for up to 5 days in the refrigerator or 3 months in the freezer.

There are several ways to reheat and enjoy philly cheesesteaks. If you’re in a hurry, you can either reheat them in a microwave or in the airfryer. If you wish to reheat more than one philly cheesesteak, then the oven or the toaster oven are the best methods for you.

All methods will reheat your cheesesteak, and the results will be delicious and comparable to when the sandwich was first made. You can test each method to see which one you prefer among the others!

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